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My Little Pony and Pro Wrestling
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Most Expensive Plot by SKULLuigi
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Most Expensive Plot :iconskulluigi:SKULLuigi 5 10
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Ask Cowboy Pony! by Cowboygineer Ask Cowboy Pony! :iconcowboygineer:Cowboygineer 9 7 Rainbow Dash by sumin6301
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Rainbow Dash :iconsumin6301:sumin6301 310 22
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EWS Backstage 137
Octavia: Look Vinyl, I -
Vinyl: Octi, I know I haven't spent time with you and I promise I will.
Octavia: Are you sure?
Vinyl: Yes, I'm sure.
Octava: Fine.
*Locker Room 1*
Flash: Congrats, Sunset.
Sunset: Thanks, Flash.
Twilight: I have to say, it was a good match watching it.
Sunset: Well, I am trying to win the EWS title.
Flash: But, Rocket has the EWS title, and knowing him he'll never give it up.
Sunset: True.
*Locker Room 2*
Spitfire: Did you hear that?
Fleetfoot: Oh yeah, chance to win new tag titles? Sign me up.
Spitfire: But were going up against the best of the best.
Fleetfoot: Yeah and-
Indigo: Well, Well, Well, what do we have here.
Spitfire: Look, if your looking for a fight, I suggest you'll leave.
Indigo: Were not.
Lemon: But, we did hear about Discord's announcement.
Indigo: And we took it upon our selves to enter that tournament.
Fleetfoot: Fine, but we'll crush you.
Lemon: We'll be ready.
:iconzane4321:zane4321 1 0
Behold What Boredom Can Cause by ConnieTheCasanova Behold What Boredom Can Cause :iconconniethecasanova:ConnieTheCasanova 9 5 Get Well Soon Kiss by ConnieTheCasanova Get Well Soon Kiss :iconconniethecasanova:ConnieTheCasanova 13 5 .:ShadowCat Lingerie 7:. by The-Butcher-X
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.:ShadowCat Lingerie 7:. :iconthe-butcher-x:The-Butcher-X 531 37
Definitely Not Our Dino by Kenisu-of-Dragons Definitely Not Our Dino :iconkenisu-of-dragons:Kenisu-of-Dragons 25 1 Kenisu's Butterfly ~ by PickFairy Kenisu's Butterfly ~ :iconpickfairy:PickFairy 5 0 Safir O Hara Fan Stamp by SuperstarEdge96 Safir O Hara Fan Stamp :iconsuperstaredge96:SuperstarEdge96 5 3 Clip Board 2018 by TheEditorMLP Clip Board 2018 :icontheeditormlp:TheEditorMLP 62 85


Best hugs for SBBFF ! HBD SS
 ( mlp base 14 hugs by katie-mlp-bases )

Bonjour Greenies ! Springy here with an other drawing ! And today it's my brony fandom bro's birthday ! Superstar ! So I made an awesome drawing ! I even used picmonkey ! To make it more awesome ! Of course, there has to be stars everywhere cause duh ! SuperSTAR ! XD
Jokes aside, Superstar is my best bro, we share so many things in common ! Even when the fandom will end, he will always be my superbro ! Of course, I have always this dream of meeting him in real life, in the most safest way if possible cause ya know, I don't want any of us to have an accident. But yeah, it would be nice, of course, no need of doing it now, I can always wait. But by waiting this day, I will enjoy hanging with my superbro with the power of internet ! Happy Birthday Superbro ! May my light protect you !


Bonus ;

Green Spring *singing* < When I was just a filly, I found it rather silly, To see how many other ponies I could meet. I had my comments to read, Didn't know that I would ever need, other ponies, to make my life complete. But there was one colt that I cared for, I knew he would be there for me ! My Super Bro, Best Friends Forever ! Like two peas in a pod, we do everything together, He taught me how to show my light ! (Best Friend Forever !) We never had a single fight ! (We do everything together !) We share our hopes, we share our dreams, we will always surpass our fears, to the extremes !

Mane six : Your Super Bro, Best Friend Forever ! Like two peas in a pod, you do everything together !

Green Spring : And though he's oh, so far away I hope that he would stay. My Super Bro Best Friend Forever. Forever.

Happy birthday SBBFF.

Signed Jon.

Katie-MLP-Bases SuperstarEdge96
Meet The Skulluigi
( mlp Eg Base 1 Shadowbolt made by xxrarityxx1 )

Hello Greenies ! Springy here ! With another drawing ! And this time is special ! It's a "meet the artist" ! With Skulluigi ! So for this I drew myself in EG human and wrote stuff about me you may or may not know about me ! It's nothing too big but I wanted to do it cause why not ! Thanks for watching and as always... May My Light Protect You !

Name : Jonathan

Nationality : France

Height : 5'9

Weight : Around 200 pounds

Date Of Birth : 31/03/95

Likes : Art, Italian food, MLP, Video games, Wrestling, Friends, Having fun, Watching TV, Watching youtube videos, Laying down on his bed, Daydreaming, Puns, The color Green, The season of Spring, Cartoons, Anime, Rock music, Peace, Laughing.

Dislikes : Lightning strikes, Broken stairs, Being sick, Betrayal, Pranksters, Flying insects, Losing the ones I love, Slow internet, Cold, The season of winter, germs, Being in a too high place, Being alone for too long, Family Guy (Tv show), Jumpscary video games, Bullies, Disgusting or annoying sounds.

In my bag : Tablet, 3ds games, 3ds console, 3ds charger, Book of prayers, Rosary, Flashlight, Headphones. And there's more stuff but they mostly go to other bags when my familly and I go for big trips.

Watchin AGDQ ! Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga GBA coming up ! Gotta love one of my favorite GBA games of my childhood getting beat fast !
the voting for the golden spring awards are open ! Please check the journal for more ! Thank You !…
Golden Spring Award (read description)
( base flying up by glimmerheartboo )

Hello Greenies ! Springy Here ! With a drawing and annoncement ! It's the Golden Spring Awards ! Basically, I created a journal where there's categories and YOU vote for the best drawings I did over the years ! And also the characters and ocs I drew ! And more ! It's a little something I wanted to do for fun ! And if it works, I might do another one next year ! I am putting the journal in the description ! And don't be afraid to share it around your friends ! Thank you for watching and... May My Light Protect You !…

Hello Greenies ! Springy here ! And as promised here we have the journal to vote for the Golden Spring awards !

Rules : To vote its simple, just use the letter and number combination ! And send it in the comments below ! You can vote for all categories BUT only one nominee per category

example : A1, B2, C3 and D4 is allowed BUT A1, A2, A3 and A4 is NOT allowed

Letter = Category and Number = The nominee you vote for.

Good ? Good ! I don't know when I will stop the votes, depends if it works or not. Maybe around Febuary or March. See ya !

A. Best Drawing Of The Year

1. The Pegasisters Revolution…

2. Playing Twister…

3. MLPTNA Broken Octavia…

4. Ghostbusters Of Habafike…


B. Best Premiere Drawing

1. The First Sexy Female Drawing, Rainbow Dash Sexy bomb…

2. The First Base Drawing, Playing The acordion…

3. The first new haircut drawing, Le Sweet French Modern Haircut…

4. The First Drawing based on a dream, Doctor Angel Or Doctor Trickster…


C. Best Drawing Series 

1. The Springy Highlighs (SH)…

2. The MLP/WWE drawings…

3. The Habafike District drawings…

4. The Springy Poses Nouveau…


D. Best Music Drawing

1. Hellfire - Hunchback of notre dame…

2. Running - Onlap…

3. Rise - Skillet…

4. Jump Up Superstar - Kate Higgins…


E. Springy Fanart of the year

1. L'ange de lumiere by tilo972…

2. Springy Dollar Bit Bill by Superstaredge96
Green Spring Bit Bill

3. Simplified Springy Wallpaper by ponymiku…

4. TLG Green Spring by false axiom…

F. Cameo of the year

1. Pristine in Rise drawing music tribute…

2. Bettina Levy in Green ness and magneta sans…

3. Brockchen in Queen Weisel of Habafike…

4. Sloosh in I have a bad feeling 'bout this…

G. Support Male Character/second role in drawings this year ;

1. ConnieTheCasanova…

2. SuperstarEdge96…

3. Tilo972…

4. CowboyEnginner…

H. Support Female Character/second role in drawings this year

1. AbrightIdea…

2. SummerSketchMLP…

3. FlowerEagleTale…

4. FluffySkittlehorse…

I. Feud of the year

1. Spring Against Roggy in a rap battle…

2. Spring Against Jolly Rodger in a rap battle…

3. Spring Against Bright Idea in a pun off battle…

4. Spring Against Flithy rich in a billion dollar argument…


J. MLP canon character in drawing

1. Golden Delicious in shelton benjamin…

2. Flithy Rich in rich rivalery…

3. Tempest Shadow in ECW mlp Raven…

4. Octavia Melody in Broken Matt Hardy…


K. Ship Couple of the year

1. Crimson and Editor…

2. Summer and Justin…

3. Dream and Twist…

4. Eagletale and Peewee…


L. Meme Drawing of the year

1. Springy Dabbing…

2. Wrong neighborhood…

3. Pickstream broke…

4. That's what she said…


M. Shocking moment of the year ;

1. Hitting 100 watchers…

2. Rib pain leaving me stuck on bed…

3. Celebrating 5 years on Deviantart…

4. Posting my 400th drawing…

N. Best Journal Of The year ;

1. Palutena Guidance Bright Idea…

2. Words of wisdom : Facing Negativity…

3. Huge thanks to all of you…

4. 13 Questions Tag : The Encore…


SKULLuigi's Profile Picture
Jonathan Roca
Artist | Student | Digital Art
Just a random brony who likes to draw images, play video games and watch TV.
May my light protect you !
( Icon from Tilo972 :… )


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