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Waifu Selfie Surprise by SKULLuigi Waifu Selfie Surprise :iconskulluigi:SKULLuigi 3 3 Red Eyes Black Yang by SKULLuigi Red Eyes Black Yang :iconskulluigi:SKULLuigi 4 6 Kumatora's Promenade In Osohe Castle by SKULLuigi Kumatora's Promenade In Osohe Castle :iconskulluigi:SKULLuigi 3 2 Blackjack (GS heel turn) by SKULLuigi Blackjack (GS heel turn) :iconskulluigi:SKULLuigi 3 7 Ange De Craie (500th drawing) by SKULLuigi Ange De Craie (500th drawing) :iconskulluigi:SKULLuigi 4 7 In The Air Tonight by SKULLuigi In The Air Tonight :iconskulluigi:SKULLuigi 5 4 Full Fantasy Cosplay by SKULLuigi Full Fantasy Cosplay :iconskulluigi:SKULLuigi 9 4 Springy Came To Play by SKULLuigi Springy Came To Play :iconskulluigi:SKULLuigi 7 4 When Blue Prism messes up by SKULLuigi When Blue Prism messes up :iconskulluigi:SKULLuigi 9 2 Springy Fighting In The Herd by SKULLuigi Springy Fighting In The Herd :iconskulluigi:SKULLuigi 8 3 The Mare Of Healing by SKULLuigi The Mare Of Healing :iconskulluigi:SKULLuigi 5 2 Light Em Up by SKULLuigi Light Em Up :iconskulluigi:SKULLuigi 6 0 Sonata Dusk's Cutie Mark Bikini by SKULLuigi
Mature content
Sonata Dusk's Cutie Mark Bikini :iconskulluigi:SKULLuigi 6 3
GScomics : Glasses Mishap by SKULLuigi GScomics : Glasses Mishap :iconskulluigi:SKULLuigi 10 20 a SWAG update by SKULLuigi a SWAG update :iconskulluigi:SKULLuigi 6 5 Springy Chaplin by SKULLuigi Springy Chaplin :iconskulluigi:SKULLuigi 7 6


GoldenFox, Keyframe and Abbey Roadie on Abbey Road by SuperstarEdge96 GoldenFox, Keyframe and Abbey Roadie on Abbey Road :iconsuperstaredge96:SuperstarEdge96 14 2 Mlp Base 11# by MeiMisuki Mlp Base 11# :iconmeimisuki:MeiMisuki 54 1 MLP Ruby Rose Noming a Cookie by SuperstarEdge96 MLP Ruby Rose Noming a Cookie :iconsuperstaredge96:SuperstarEdge96 9 3 MLP EG BASE- 'Selfie!' by Deja-Lu MLP EG BASE- 'Selfie!' :icondeja-lu:Deja-Lu 76 17 Fanart in a Nutshell by BrogarArts Fanart in a Nutshell :iconbrogararts:BrogarArts 25 11 Strider Hiryu by DANMAKUMAN Strider Hiryu :icondanmakuman:DANMAKUMAN 170 17 Pink Mercy by sakimichan Pink Mercy :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 5,976 121 REQUEST - TM2 Ken Masters - MLP by AngelOfTheWisp REQUEST - TM2 Ken Masters - MLP :iconangelofthewisp:AngelOfTheWisp 5 2 Misss vs reiko COMMISSION 1 by DKSTUDIOS05 Misss vs reiko COMMISSION 1 :icondkstudios05:DKSTUDIOS05 397 19 Rari pout by saturdaymorningproj Rari pout :iconsaturdaymorningproj:saturdaymorningproj 69 31 Pinkie Gasp by saturdaymorningproj Pinkie Gasp :iconsaturdaymorningproj:saturdaymorningproj 81 12 Twilight by TheBrokenCOG Twilight :iconthebrokencog:TheBrokenCOG 813 83 Lola Bunny. nsfw preview. by sakimichan
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Lola Bunny. nsfw preview. :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 2,012 0
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Waifu Selfie Surprise
( mlp eg base selfie by :icondeja-lu: )

Hello Greenies, Springy here ! And welcome to another drawing, this one as a bit of backstory so I hope you don't mind reading ! Here we go ! ;

"During the night, Jon was watching the beautifull night sky, he suddenly sees a shooting star, while he was thinking about what would be his wish, he wondered if it was possible to meet his waifus in real life even just for one day but then he giggles thinking how impossible it would be.

The next day, in the afternoon, he was in the main room, watching tv, everything was calm but then he suddenly he receives an annoymous message on his phone, it reads ; "Hey Jon, check your bedroom, there's a surprise for you". Considering the message being annoymous, he didnt anwsered or checked.

But then later on, he receives an image message, looking at it he saw Revy, Spencer and Bazett doing a nice selfie. He was about to ignore it again but he felt something warm in his heart... What if it is real ? Curious, he tries to call the number but he only get this voice line ; "Hello this is Rebecca Lee also known as Revy, I can't anwser because I don't have much credit in this universe but... If by any chances you are Jon... I... I really want you to check the bedroom please. I... I really want to see you. In real life. I even brought some friends you might know. So yeah. Anyway see ya in your bedroom...". The voice line ends here.

Wondering and having doubts, Jon gets serious and carefull just in case if it is a robber as he is now in front of his bedroom's door, he put his hand on the door's handle then slowly opens it... He sees Revy, Spencer and Bazett all standing, smiling. He couldn't belive it. Without any hesitation, he hugged his three waifus in a group hug, he is so happy to see them. He didn't cared why and how they got in there, all he wanted now is to profit of this wonderfull opportunity before it ends too quickly. And during the rest of the day, Jon is having fun with his three precious ladies.

Midnight approches, Jon knows that his girls can't stay forever, a portal opens, waiting for the ladies to go inside so they can go back to their own world. But before going, each of them give Jon some presents. Spencer takes off her glasses, Bazett takes her ovaloid earrings off and Revy takes off her fingerless gloves and they give it to Jon. But then just before stepping in the portal, they suddenly kisses Jon by surprise and went the portal to go back where they belong with the portal closing in.

Jon lays down on his bed, about to go to sleep due to how late the time is but then takes his phone, looking at the selfie picture again, smiling greatly. He gently slept in his blue cover thinking how good that day was. And with these presents he had, he will never forget this day where his crazy wish was granted."

Thank you for watching and as always... May my light protect you
Red Eyes Black Yang
( mlpeg base iam skiing by optimisticmerna )

Hello Greenies ! Springy here ! And welcome to another drawing ! And this drawing is about one of my waifus ! Yang Xiao Long ! And now time to explain why is she dressed like that. Well, I am a wrestling fan and during wrestlemania 34 Seth Rollins' entrance, he had blue eyes and we made comparaisons to the blue eyes white dragon from yugioh. Many days after wrestlemania was over, I thought to myself "Yang Xiao Long is all about burning so... what if she was Seth Rollins but instead of a stomp, it's punches and instead of a blue eyes white dragon... it was a red eyes black dragon !" and so came many days of work and raging so much about how complicated Yang's hair was to draw that I made... Red Eyes Black Yang ! Red eyes and heck I went all the way and added claws and wings which Seth didnt had ! It's maybe not the best Yang but it is hot enough to BURN the haters DOWN ! So deal with it ! Because personally I nailed it ! With not a bang but with a yang !

Thank you for watching and as always...  May My Light Protect You !

Kumatora's Promenade In Osohe Castle
( equestria girls rainbow rocks base 2 by clockblockers )

Hello Greenies ! Springy here ! And welcome to another drawing ! And this drawing is about one of my favorite RPGs ! Mother 3 ! So I drew my favorite female character from this game ! The princess of Osohe Castle, Kumatora ! In here, she is doing a "Promenade" or a walk in french. Sure sometimes the Osohe Castle may have ghosts but that's what you expect from an old castle. And it is pretty much it ! By the way, the music in Mother 3 is just wonderfull and perfect to me.

Thanks for watching and as always... May My Light Protect You !

Blackjack (GS heel turn)
( eg base mmm whatcha say bitch by kingbases )


The following contest is scheduled for one fall !

Introducing first, from Monaco, France...



Hello Greenies, Springy here ! And welcome to another drawing ! It's been a while wasn't it ? Sorry for the wait. This drawing came from an inspiration of rumble roses where the character change names when they switch from Face (Hero) to Heel (Evil) or vice versa. So here, I present to you, the Heel version of Green Spring ! Blackjack ! So what are the differences between the two ? Well, Blackjack would be from Monaco, and the story is that Greed got in so much to GS's heart and loved money so much... He left his old hometown of Burgundy to live in Monaco, and keep on playing Casinos without losing once. he is a scheming, manipulative, calculating and smart character. He always gets his way and mentions often the percentages of chances. He is also now more into classic music. In this gimmick, he does more ground attacks than fly attacks so his moves are very differant. I will let a series of moves he can do compared to GS under the line below. Thanks for watching and as always... May My Light Protect You.


Green Spring ;

Killer (Super) move = Pont De Pierre ["Stone Bridge" in french] (Jumping Snap Suplex)

Lethal (Finisher) move = Coast To Coast (Corner-to-corner front missile dropkick)

Humiliation (OMG) move = Raitokēji ["Light Cage" in japanese] (Triangle chokes the oponant's head and arm with his legs, then holds the opponent's right leg with his arms)

BlackJack ;

Killer (Super) move = Fiver Combo (Punches the opponent 5 times)

Lethal (Finisher) move = Palace Du Prince ["Prince's palace" in french] (Dream street drop or cobra clutch submission)

Humiliation (OMG) move = Casino Escape (Over the shoulder crossface chickenwing while stomping on the opponent's free arm/hand)

Ange De Craie (500th drawing)
(  base 228 by hk-bases )

Hello Greenies ! Springy Here ! Welcome to another drawing... My five hundredth drawing ! That is right folks, we hit 500 drawings in 5~6 years of drawings ! So I made this cute adorable drawing of human green spring in front of a chalkboard that has been drawn. If you wonder about the hair, no I didnt changed my hair its the same one but it's in front view ! Yeah so you see my hair on a NEW angel... uhhh I mean angle. So yeah puns aside that's pretty much it for the drawing but I ain't done talking yet. I said it multiple times and I'll say it until my last breath... You are the light that make mine stronger. It's for YOU, the people that I make these drawings. So... I don't care if I already said it on other celebration drawings... I must say... Thank you. Thank you so so so much. You are my light, my motivation, my smile... You are the blood that makes my heart beat. Together... We are family.

Thank you for watching and as always... May My Light Protect You !

Hello Greenies ! Springy here ! And as promised here we have the journal to vote for the Golden Spring awards !

Rules : To vote its simple, just use the letter and number combination ! And send it in the comments below ! You can vote for all categories BUT only one nominee per category

example : A1, B2, C3 and D4 is allowed BUT A1, A2, A3 and A4 is NOT allowed

Letter = Category and Number = The nominee you vote for.

Good ? Good ! I don't know when I will stop the votes, depends if it works or not. Maybe around Febuary or March. See ya !

A. Best Drawing Of The Year

1. The Pegasisters Revolution…

2. Playing Twister…

3. MLPTNA Broken Octavia…

4. Ghostbusters Of Habafike…


B. Best Premiere Drawing

1. The First Sexy Female Drawing, Rainbow Dash Sexy bomb…

2. The First Base Drawing, Playing The acordion…

3. The first new haircut drawing, Le Sweet French Modern Haircut…

4. The First Drawing based on a dream, Doctor Angel Or Doctor Trickster…


C. Best Drawing Series 

1. The Springy Highlighs (SH)…

2. The MLP/WWE drawings…

3. The Habafike District drawings…

4. The Springy Poses Nouveau…


D. Best Music Drawing

1. Hellfire - Hunchback of notre dame…

2. Running - Onlap…

3. Rise - Skillet…

4. Jump Up Superstar - Kate Higgins…


E. Springy Fanart of the year

1. L'ange de lumiere by tilo972…

2. Springy Dollar Bit Bill by Superstaredge96
Green Spring Bit Bill

3. Simplified Springy Wallpaper by ponymiku…

4. TLG Green Spring by false axiom…

F. Cameo of the year

1. Pristine in Rise drawing music tribute…

2. Bettina Levy in Green ness and magneta sans…

3. Brockchen in Queen Weisel of Habafike…

4. Sloosh in I have a bad feeling 'bout this…

G. Support Male Character/second role in drawings this year ;

1. ConnieTheCasanova…

2. SuperstarEdge96…

3. Tilo972…

4. CowboyEnginner…

H. Support Female Character/second role in drawings this year

1. AbrightIdea…

2. SummerSketchMLP…

3. FlowerEagleTale…

4. FluffySkittlehorse…

I. Feud of the year

1. Spring Against Roggy in a rap battle…

2. Spring Against Jolly Rodger in a rap battle…

3. Spring Against Bright Idea in a pun off battle…

4. Spring Against Flithy rich in a billion dollar argument…


J. MLP canon character in drawing

1. Golden Delicious in shelton benjamin…

2. Flithy Rich in rich rivalery…

3. Tempest Shadow in ECW mlp Raven…

4. Octavia Melody in Broken Matt Hardy…


K. Ship Couple of the year

1. Crimson and Editor…

2. Summer and Justin…

3. Dream and Twist…

4. Eagletale and Peewee…


L. Meme Drawing of the year

1. Springy Dabbing…

2. Wrong neighborhood…

3. Pickstream broke…

4. That's what she said…


M. Shocking moment of the year ;

1. Hitting 100 watchers…

2. Rib pain leaving me stuck on bed…

3. Celebrating 5 years on Deviantart…

4. Posting my 400th drawing…

N. Best Journal Of The year ;

1. Palutena Guidance Bright Idea…

2. Words of wisdom : Facing Negativity…

3. Huge thanks to all of you…

4. 13 Questions Tag : The Encore…


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Just a random brony who likes to draw images, play video games and watch TV.
May my light protect you !
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